What’s happening in the world of kin’s domains?

If you’ve read and loved the Ringing Cedars Series of books by Vladimir Megre, you are probably interested in finding out about kin’s domain type groups that are getting started around the country or the world.

I’ve set up this wordpress site to provide a place for people and groups to find each other.  If you have land and would like to invite others to create their kin’s domain on your land, post your location, website or a bit of information about your plans for your land and future.  I wouldn’t suggest you leave personal information like phone numbers or email addresses that you regularly use.  If you would like to set up a page on this site contact me at the email address shown on the contact us tab.

If you are a man or woman looking for other like minded men and women in your area, leave a comment telling about your dream, your location and perhaps a link to a site telling more about you and what you’re looking for.  The wordpress sites are free and easy to set up for just that kind of use.

As a start I’ll tell you about the locations I know of around the U.S.  (I expect there are several more.)  I am on Southern Colorado and you can learn more about our plan and project at www.explorethesolutions.com

You can check out a developing settlement on Idaho at www.vedrica.org

Check out the group called Northern Arizona Living Off-Grid

There is also one on Maine and one on New Mexico but I don’t know of websites for those but I can put you in touch with them.  If you want to contact them send me an email (shown on the contact us tab).

24 thoughts on “What’s happening in the world of kin’s domains?

  1. Kins Domain


    I’m wondering if there are any kins domain in Oklahoma? Or, shall I be the one to start it? 🙂
    Thank you

    1. joymor Post author

      I don’t know of a kin’s domain settlement or group in Oklahoma. The closest one to you that I know of would be southern Colorado. There are people in Texas who have been interested in the past but I don’t think there’s anything going on there right now. If Oklahoma is you preferred place, then you may be the one to start it. I’ll be happy to help you any way I can. I’ll send you an email with my phone number.


    Hello Joymor.
    Thank you for this site.
    I am an older woman (a few months older than Vladimir Megre) very much inspired by the Ringing Cedars Series of books. I am looking for like minded people. I currently and temporarily reside in Torrance, CA. My dream is to co-create a Space of Love, Paradise, etc. on an hectare of land preferably within a community of other Kins’ Domains. I have lived most of my life in CA, the majority in Mendocino County.
    Thank you,
    Dianne Carter

    1. joymor Post author

      Greetings Dianne,

      Are you interested only in the California area or are you open to joining settlements in other parts of the country as well?

  3. Sarit

    I’m glad to announce the formation of Kin’s Domain Hawaii on the island of Hawaii(called the big island).
    We have 105 acres and we divided in about 18 lots of 5ac each. We have 3 lots for community use.
    I’ll stay in touch with further developments,

      1. joymor Post author

        Greetings Andrew, I assume you mean our kin’s domain in Colorado, Charisma. We now have two families and one single man living here full time. (All are family). We just learned that our daughter and her husband are expecting a baby so that is very exciting. Our domain is coming along slowly. We’ve put so much time and effort into establishing our infrastructure off grid that the building of the actual domain has been slow. We have our house foundation holes dug and the floor leveled. As soon as the weather warms enough we’ll get started building again. We have been testing seeds and gardening methods for the past two years. This spring we’ll plant our actual first garden based on what we’ve learned for this area. We’ve planted our family tree, a ten tree fruit orchard and about 50 or so other trees that have survived the ecology of our land.

        We have created roads/paths between each of the domains so they are ready to be identified and chosen by anyone who wants to join us. You can see our land in photos at http://www.littledirtroad.info and you can read our official invitation at http://www.explorethesolutions.com/invitation_1.html

        Joyce at Charisma in Colorado

        1. joymor Post author

          I wish to update the information in the post replying to Andrew’s question. We now have three families here at Charisma plus one man who is building his own domain (not as a family).

  4. Andrew

    A giant message board nice. I live in Northern California and am interested in my own domain as well. Nice to meet everyone.

    1. meera dasi

      Hi Andrew,
      I am aware that your comment is already quite old, but chose to reply nevertheless :-).
      Do you still have plans for a kin’s domain, and if so, how are things for you now?
      My husband and myself live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am deeply moved by Anastasia’s
      vision of kin’s domains and I would love to create one, and be able to live “off the grid” yet be connected to
      other like-minded people.
      If you like, contact me and we can talk more :-).
      All the best,

  5. Julia

    Hello! Does anyone know of any kins domains started in Canada? And what has the experience been like for those who have started them? How did you go about finding like-minded people for example? Did you have to find ways around the so-called red tape?

    – Julia, British Columbia, Canada

    1. joymor Post author

      Another part of your question, Julia, was about what it has been like starting a kin’s domain and how we found people. At Charisma we found like minded people via our website at http://www.explorethesolutions.com as well as word of mouth, and in the early years of pre-planning meetings we posted flyers at local libraries to announce our pre-planning meetings. By far the most productive of those was the website. Second most effective was word of mouth and we only got one or two responses from the flyers we posted. There is an English forum you can check out. It’s new and not very active yet but you can see it at http://ringingcedarsforum.anastasiausa.org/ There are at least two women on that forum who are from Canada (I’m not sure what part).

      What has it been like? It has been a lot of work that I’ve loved. It’s been exciting to learn Nature’s language and function in this particular location in southern Colorado. It’s been much slower to build my dream on my domain than I imagined but that’s because the more I became connected with the land here, the more I have refined the details of my dream. For example, I have a 1″ stack of designs and layouts for our home, each one representing a major shift in what I wanted and what I saw as important. Our home is now in progress but the building of it is still slow because our first priority is to build the community and get the infrastructure in place that will support the expansion of the community. The transition from modern society thinking to the thinking that Nature teaches is huge and wonderful. I don’t believe anything could uproot me from this land and community and force me back into modern style living. The further we transition in this Nature connected lifestyle, the more that is true. The hardest part is letting go of anti-rational life destroying habits and thinking patterns.

      In regard to red tape, we have found a solution that is impossible to fully describe here. It is partially presented on our website but in essence there are two completely separate and distinct jurisdictions in America and we have moved ourselves and our land into the jurisdiction that is less known and more free. Our political solution (red tape is always political) is currently unique to the United States of America but there may be similar solutions in other countries. It would likely require a lot of research and study to find it, however.

      1. Julia

        Thanks for the reply! The information you provided was helpful. I have to do further research, however, from what I understand at the moment is that most of the land in BC is bound up in legal restrictions (for example, a large rural property, 100 to 200 acres, under the zoning title Agricultural Land Reserve is allowed a maximum of three residential buildings; one of the land’s owner, one other family-related building and a ranch hands building). I will continue to research this topic but under such zoning it seems that a kin domain would not be able to legally take place until the laws are changed. Apparently, there is land outside of the typical zoning restrictions, but it seems to be hard to come by and in places not easily accessible or even closely near a town center. At present I may have an opportunity to obtain enough land, but not the legal ability to develop a kin domain. That actually may be a good thing for now, as it would allow me the proper timing for building relationships with like-minded people as well as allow our little family more time to become more self-sustaining. Cheers and thanks again for sharing your experience!

  6. Robert Wilson

    My wife and I have a kins domain of 4 hectares with lots of potential (and with a big mortgage). We need to find a way for the land to generate the inco e to pay the mortgage and other costs. I would love to be a part of a community of kids domains or even to participate in developing one. We are 2 hours north of Seattle, just a few miles from Canada which we can see on a clear day. I know of few people who have read all of the Ringing Cedars series let alone been inspired to the extent that I was.
    I am thrilled that Julia is looking to create a new RC inspired commuity in BC, hopefully near to us.
    I wish to have a gathering of like-minded folks on July 23, and it could be in our forest. I sure hope that more folks make themselves known through venues like this.
    Thank you for your leadership, Joyce. Please tell us about the recent additions to your family.

    1. joymor Post author

      Greetings Robert,
      We have three new community members and it was very exciting to learn that one of them had read the books twice! One family is a young couple who are just recently married and are totally committed to the kin’s domain community dream. The second is an older single man who has known the young couple for a couple years and is equally committed to the dream. So two of our available domains have filled in. They are currently staying in temporary housing on our guest/transition domain as they connect with, plan and build their own chosen domains so that they can move there full time. We are falling in love with all three of them and are beginning to see the multitudes of gifts they bring to our experience here.

      In regard to the “recent additions to our family” that you refer to, our babies did not develop enough to survive on their own. It was not a surprise because of my age but certainly a huge disappointment. The experience of that very amazing post-menopause “old-age” pregnancy was a gift at so many levels that I am grateful for it and wouldn’t change any part of it. On a brighter note, however, our daughter who lives here with her beloved and is building her own domain, is 5 months pregnant and we are very excited about that. Our community is expanding by birth and by new kin’s domain members.

      To the readers who don’t know Robert, I’d like to share more about him that he has not shared. He has been committed to this dream for several years and has worked hard to carve out a beginning in the far northwest. It is a small beginning but we have all had to scale down our “beginning” in order to get a start in this country. We need people like Robert all over this country doing as he has done – whatever they can do to just get the beginning. Whether you can buy enough land for 50+ domains or 4 doesn’t matter. What matters is to begin however you can and hold the space for others to join with you or near you. Expansion will happen later but BEGIN as Robert has done. Thank you Robert.

  7. Robert Wilson

    Hi All
    I am in awe at what Joyce has accomplished thus far especially with the hurdles she encountered. I am amazed at how the system is set up to hinder the acquisition of a small piece of land suitable for a family domain — the kind of property that Julia needs. I am working on a family domain project that has enough challenges but I long to be able to create a Ringing Cedars inspired demonstration community. Ironically, some of the regulations are supposedly intended to protect rural /agricultural land from being developed in small plots actually block families from accessing and utilizing the land for the most intensive and appropriate agricultural use that I can imagine — creating a green paradise that produces far more than the regulators have ever envisioned.

    Julia, I am quite interested in your progress. I looked in south central B.C. for such a property in the early 90’s for an intentional community so I am aware of the situation you are in. I know a lot of the land from the Similkameen over to the east Kootenays and much of the Canadian context.

    The one thing that has changed is the arrival of the RC books that provide so many of the answers that I sought at the time about things like ownership and governance as well as how to get tbe complete support of nature for the community.

    Other than how and where to get the large sum of money that I imagine is necessary, the thing that perplexes me most is that so few of the people to whom I have exposed these books seem to appreciate the tremendous possibilities that they offer. I would like the advice of this group in how to find or create a circle of people who take as much inspiration from theses books as I do.

  8. Scott

    Hiya Joyce,

    You don’t know me, but know a little of you through Arthur and Fiona from Australia. Lived with them for a few months just recently, learned a lot about the problems we face on earth by seeing face to face the problems needing to be dealt with in me. The ego is a nasty things.

    Just wanted to say hi 🙂

    Also wanted to leave an open invitation to any strong wo/men living around Canada in the Okanagan area who are interested in co-creating along side me. Am currently using the system as a tool in order to start a soil restoration business to fund the purchase of land and would love to work with others to make this dream blossom.

    Am not phased by the legal issues/words on paper surrounding land permissions, these are small bumps in the road, the big bump is getting a strong group formed that can shield/provide immunity from all the harm that will undoubtidly come our way once making a stand against the system.

    Am a no non sense man, but am still working through a lot of issues, if you wish to get a sense of what this man lives for, the homepage of this website comes close ( http://www.loveforlife.com.au ), as well does the truths related through vladimir.

    For what it is worth, am not interested in co-creating with drug users, whether legal, recreational or pharmacutial, nor those who are comfortable eating animals. Wish to co-create with those who wish to create a life of no harm, and are adimantly working towards this.


  9. Ruth

    Hi everyone,
    I’m so glad that there are others who are still carrying this dream.
    I’m a little nervous and excited posting on here mostly because I finally am taking a first step to reach out to people who feel the same way that I do about the RCoR books and maybe a little because I’m afraid that no one will see this.
    Anyway I am a single mother living in a small town in the caribou area in British Columbia. I am currently living on a piece of land that is not owned by myself but I do have the opportunity to put into practice a lot of the inspirations of the books here with my kids. I generally keep to myself because I find it difficult to contain this new truth that I have found in these books over the past 4 or 5 years and most people around here are… interested in other things shall we say? I’m sort of an anomaly for my age.
    I am looking for a community of like minded people to connect with if only just for encouragement and sharing of ideas. I dream of a community to live in for the sake of myself and two little ones. I know a bit about growing food and farm animals (goats, horses, chickens, cow) I have tried my hand at building structures on my own (a small barn). I also am having the opportunity to raise my children outside of normalcy by educating them at home and following my heart. I do find it hard sometimes to push on alone.
    I would love to live to own my own land someday and create a space of love for us. I am running into the big frustrating money issue because you have to have a huge sum of money to purchase even a small plot of land around here. Also the land tax and the laws restrict an owner in many ways. Well just say I have the inspiration and the will but I dont have the big paying job for a mortgage.
    So …If anyone in B.C. would like to connect or maybe has a similar dream and feels like they need a friend or has or knows of a community who I could contact….Even if its in Alberta or Saskatchewan? I would be ever thankful.

    1. joymor Post author

      Greetings Ruth,
      Congrats on taking steps even when you seem to lack the resources to get your full dream in place. Taking any step is better than taking none. I once knew of a couple in British Columbia who joined with two or three other families to build this dream in BC but they split up and I no longer have any way of reaching them. But, again, any step is better than no step. There are many people in Canada who would like this dream to happen there. Some efforts have been made in Alberta and on the East coast as well but they ran into government control issues. There was a woman who was central to keeping the Canadian groups organized at one time but she no longer lives in Canada. By taking whatever steps you can (as you are doing) I believe you will eventually connect with some of the Canadian people who share your dream there. There is a strong generic eco-community push in Canada as well.

      Blessings and Gratitude to you for your efforts.

  10. Robert Wilson

    Hi Joyce, and also Ruth et al
    I am a great fan of the Ringing Cedars books living in a beautiful (but wet) area which is loosely called Cascadia — the extreme north west of tbe contiguous US. I am in the last county before you reach British Columbia near Bellingham, WA You can see the beautiful Canadian Coastal mountains (also in Cascadia) on a clear day as well the perennially snow capped Mount Baker 30 miles to the east.

    I have been interested on intentional communities all my life and the RC books filled in a lot of the gaps in my understanding of how to create a utopia. Joyce knows of my interest. Like you, Ruth, I have found that most people have not awakened to the absolutely wonderful possibilities that the books reveal, even after I have persuaded some to read 1 or mabe 2 of them. This I cannot comprehend. Other than my wife, I do not know anybody in this state who has read the full set.

    I have posted on Joyce’s blog before. This is an update on my new strategy for the past 7 months. Each September, the Bellingham area has a Skillshare Faire where folks teach others skills that are mostly of interest for homesteaders. (I was teaching about hugles.) There I discovered that we have a new land trust with the primary focus of putting people on homesteads — very similar to the family domain proposal in the RC books. Its name is Cascadian Homesteaders Community Land Trust. I have been working hard ever since as a member of that organization to make the homestead community idea work with them in the hope that I can then also create a full scale Ringing Cedars community in parallel.

    The small working group in the land trust is defining programs that will help us put people on homesteads or at least in affordable housing. We are also starting to define programs that will help bring in donations of land, money, opportunities to garden, and equipment suitable for homesteaders. We have plans to establish an educational center mainly for Permaculture and a small business incubator for our members. There has been some early progress and we will be applying for grant money and making public appeals soon. It is probably a good thing that we do not have money yet because there is a lot of preparation and we need to make sure that people who join are committed to the ideals and not just looking for cheap land.

    My wife and I have a homestead already but it is my life’s ambition to build a prototype homesteaders community and in particular, one modeled after the community described in Book 8A.



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